Collection: Liquid Extracts

3 Kings Kratom offers an impressive selection of liquid Kratom extracts, providing a potent and flavorful way to experience the benefits of Kratom. Their collection features four distinct flavors: 3K Raw Double Dose, 3K Raw Butterscotch, 3K Raw Java, and 3K Raw Monster Mojito. The 3K Raw Double Dose is perfect for those seeking a powerful and concentrated Kratom experience. For a sweet and indulgent twist, the 3K Raw Butterscotch offers a delightful flavor that complements its effects. Coffee lovers will appreciate the 3K Raw Java, which combines the invigorating properties of Kratom with a rich coffee taste. Lastly, the 3K Raw Monster Mojito provides a refreshing and zesty option, blending the benefits of Kratom with a vibrant mojito flavor. Each liquid extract is carefully crafted and tested for quality, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience for all users.

Liquid Extracts