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Kalm With Kava

Borogu Micronized Kava

Borogu Micronized Kava

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Micronized Borogu Kava is the top choice in Vanuatu for a reason. It helps your mind feel light and happy and gradually eases away stress from your body. This balanced kava helps ease your whole body into a state of peace and calm, creating a mellow, soothing mood. You can enjoy Borogu any time, day or night. In smaller servings, this kava’s balanced effects are more heady and upbeat. In larger servings, you can lull your body into a gentle state of tired relaxation, with effects kicking in a few hours after consumption. Overall, Borogu is a potent, harmonious kava experience you won’t want to miss!

Effects: Balanced

Micronized kava is the perfect way to enjoy a mild-tasting kava drink on the go! Just mix one tablespoon into your favorite non-alcoholic beverage for quick, easy relaxation. Made from 100% Noble kava root, our micronized kava contains no coarse fibers or fillers—no need to strain or steep.

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