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Kalm With Kava

Loa Waka® Micronized Kava

Loa Waka® Micronized Kava

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Discover the power of micronized Loa Waka kava, one of the strongest kavas on the market! While Fiji is typically associated with milder kava varieties, Loa Waka breaks the mold with its unique, potent kava effects. This robust, balanced kava offers all-around strong mind and body relaxation. It consistently earns glowing reviews from our customers. It’s versatile, too—drink a little for a mood lift or have a larger serving for full physical relaxation. Loa Waka is great to sip on any time of day, so you can harness relaxation when you need it most. If you’re seeking a strong and high-quality kava for anytime enjoyment, Loa Waka is your answer.

Effects: Balanced

Micronized kava is the perfect way to enjoy a mild-tasting kava drink on the go! Just mix one tablespoon into your favorite non-alcoholic beverage for quick, easy relaxation. Made from 100% Noble kava root, our micronized kava contains no coarse fibers or fillers—no need to strain or steep.

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