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Red Maeng Da
Best known for its pain relieving and sedative properties, it’s also a great strain to ease opiate withdrawal as well. Red maeng da is a must have. The Color of the powder can vary depending on the time of year and can range from natural greens to reds and even deep chocolate, this is completely normal. Red vein leaves are the oldest leaves on the kratom tree.

White Maeng Da
This strain is a great energy source. Unlike other sugary and overall unhealthy energy products white maeng da makes you feel lifted without the jitters and crash. The natural energy level of a good white vein is unmatched. Need to clean the house? Try our White Maeng Da, you will thank us.

Green Maeng Da
Red veins are for higher chronic pain days and sleep, the white veins are for crazy energy. Green for in between as they say, Green Maeng Da is a great every day strain for mood enhancement and to take your mild pain away with ease You'll love the silky smooth powder and mild taste. GMD is a must have to add to your arsenal of feel good kratom from 3Kings.

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