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Kalm With Kava

Pouni Ono Micronized Kava

Pouni Ono Micronized Kava

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Micronized Pouni Ono is our top-choice daytime kava variety! It not only helps boost your mood, but its gentle effects won’t make you tired. It’s even great for helping you feel more social—share it with friends and enjoy some upbeat relaxation together. Plus, Pouni Ono tastes really smooth and easy, making it an overall uplifting, bubbliness-inducing kava. Whether you need to ease your stress at work or lift your spirits before an evening out, Pouni Ono’s here to be your #kalm companion.

Effects: Heady

Micronized kava is the perfect way to enjoy a mild-tasting kava drink on the go! Just mix one tablespoon into your favorite non-alcoholic beverage for quick, easy relaxation. Made from 100% Noble kava root, our micronized kava contains no coarse fibers or fillers—no need to strain or steep.

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